About Rymic


Everything began in London 2019, when Jimmy took on a full-time job with a tech company in Bank, London. Being unable to afford skyrocketing rent rates in central London, he moved into a tiny studio on the outskirts of Greenwich. Each morning, Jimmy joined the rest of the London workforce to take on London Underground’s rush hour ride. A 30 minutes trip usually took up to an hour, with people being squeezed tight and breathing other people’s breath and odour. Life became harder when the cost of such rides continued to rise at a sharp rate.


Having had enough of those unreasonable transport fares, Jimmy decided to take on one of his favourite sports, cycling, to help minimise commute time and costs, while injecting exercise into his busy routine. Therefore, he purchased a London Santander Public Bike plan, which cost only £20 per month. Having ridden all his life, Jimmy thought it would be an easy routine. However, that was not the case. As public bikes are made of steel and single geared, and are designed for a short distance leisure ride, riding uphill and for over 6 miles was disastrous. What made worse was when the cars kept beeping at you when you couldn’t start off quickly enough once the traffic lights turned green.


Having fed up with those tough rides, Jimmy decided to purchase his own bike from Gumtree, which was a multi-geared road bike. Riding to work became easier, but it was still not enough, especially during the summer season. Riding uphill was uncomfortable, and sweaty backs became another major issue. The foul odour gradually became a safety hazard for both himself and his colleagues.

Once again, Jimmy began to look for an alternative commute method. Having enjoyed the freedom of cycling to work, he didn’t want to give up his dopamine filled journeys and return to boring public transport trips, he ultimately came across the idea of e-bikes. But having looked around at local bike stores and online, he was appalled by the unreasonably expensive price tags. £2000 for an e-bike! How could he pay for such expensive item, especially just for commute?


So in true entrepreneurship (and cost saver) form, Jimmy decided to get his hands dirty and created his very own e-bike, simply by purchasing an e-bike conversion kit and installed onto his road bike. But as he spoke with more people, his pain points resonated with a very large pool of commuters. That’s when he decided to quit his job and focus fully on two goals: firstly, to help fellow commuters, like himself, to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility vehicles, in order to improve their living quality standards. And secondly, he aims to create a quality e-bike that is made specifically for commuters who live on the outskirts of city, by providing them the best commuting experiences, whilst reducing their transportation costs over the long run.


After iterations and iterations of designs and testing, along with countless trial and errors, occasionally near-knee breaking experiences and bruised hips, Rymic created its very own first e-bike product: Rymic 20-inch foldable E-Bike. Creating the 20-inch helped gather valuable data and feedback from the commuting community, and then were fed back into Rymic’s second product.


At the same time, Rymic recruited the very best engineers from well-known e-bike manufacturers to help out on this journey, and now we are proud to present you our second child: Rymic Infinity 3.